2018 AAC NL (Split) Regionals

Event is now over! Thank-you to all competitors, volunteers, sponsors, and judge!! 

Please note that the registration deadline for NL competitors for
2018 AAC Nationals is:

July 2, 2018! 

Don’t miss out on registering once you know
if you have qualified to go or would like to compete at the pre-qualifying event for a chance to run in Nationals!!!

For more details, here is the Nationals Website: 2018 AAC Nationals


Click here for the 2018 AAC NL (Split) Regionals Catalogue:[NL Regionals]


I would love to thank our sponsors for their support of this event.  Without their support, this event would not be possible!

Event Sponsors


Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, Inc.



 sanisportnl-webSanisport NL


Class Sponsors

A Rock Solid Dog (Standard 1 class sponsor)

Donna Evans & Raven (Standard 1 class sponsor)

Paul Adams & Queen (Standard 2 class sponsor)

Piper & Chris Adams (Standard 2 class sponsor)

Click Play Love Inc. (Gamblers 1 class sponsor)

Wilhelmina & Susan Hoyles (Gamblers 1 class sponsor)

Donna Evans & Gypsy (Gamblers 2 class sponsor)

Piper & Chris Adams (Gamblers 2 class sponsor)

New Found Movement (Jumpers 1 class sponsor)

Queen & Paul Adams (Jumpers 1 class sponsor)

Nicole LeDrew May – Artist (Jumpers 2 class sponsor)


Courses from the 2018 AAC NL (Split) Regionals:


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