Open Letter of Thanks to the AAC Board (Chute Series)

(Original post August 2016: this was the final of the series of letters and Training Thoughts on the Collapsible Tunnel)

Dear AAC Board Members,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your service and hard work with the AAC Board of Directors, and in particular for your decision to suspend the chute. I know this wasn’t an easy time and that you were tasked with the responsibility to weigh all consideration points.
Adina, I would like to specially thank you for serving our Region well and keeping everyone up to date on this matter.
Tahnis, I would also like to give special thanks to you, as you guided and coordinated the Board through this process. Having guided organizations through similar contentious and serious issues myself, I know that simply keeping the committee/Board functioning well through it is a valuable and commendable skill set and a significant investment of time, energy and emotion. Thank-you!
Service of this nature is often thankless, so let me put it on the record. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for listening and for making this decision. I thank you for the time you have personally invested into this process, and I, as a competitor, coach, and judge, thank you for making this sport a safer one for our dogs as they trust us to guide them around the course.
May your runs be clean, fast, fun and safe,
Dianne Ford
LETTER ADDENDUM: I would also like to thank everyone: the Equipment Committee members for the hours, energy and debate they invested in this, AAC Judges for reporting the incidents and for their support of the removal of this obstacle, and AAC Members, AAC clubs/businesses, and AAC Competitors who made their opinions known to the Board of Directors. This letter officially thanks the Board Members as they were the ones tasked with the ultimate decision; however, it was everyone involved who made this come to a reality. Sincerely, Dianne.
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