About me

Welcome to DPF Leading Agility where you can find help to leap to the next level of performance. I provide assistance to individuals and groups/businesses in two arenas: the business leadership and management arena, and the dog agility arena. I have taught students across Canada, in the USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. Join us!


My teaching philosophy focuses on maintaining a fun and safe environment for the dogs and handlers, while striving for quality and strengthening the communication and relationship between dog and handler through the use of non-force training techniques, using effective training mechanics.

I have trained with a variety of top trainers and competitors from Canada, UK, and Europe, including Dave Munnings (since 2012), Susan Garrett (2011-2018), Lynda Orton-Hill (2011-2018), Tamas Traj (2017, 2018, 2020), Lisa Frick (2017, 2019), Tereza Kralova (2017, 2019), Gary White (2019), Greg Derrett (2010-2012), and Zeljko Gora (2017).  I have competed in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland, England and Wales, meeting fantastic agility competitors at all the events.  I am also one of the co-founders of Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, Inc. (I was their head agility instructor plus I still oversee the instructor development program and volunteer as an instructor and other roles).  NADA is a great club for individuals interested in getting into the sport of agility!  For details, you may peruse my Agility CV.

Professional (Management)

My teaching philosophy focuses on maintaining a fun and safe environment for the learners, while challenging learners to examine their assumptions, and find ways to lead more productive lives. My research interests focus on areas that utilize my double major in MIS/OB and include: workplace aggression (traditional and virtual), job engagement, knowledge management, social media, perceived value of knowledge, cross-cultural issues in management, organizational culture, psychological health and trust.

For more information on my research, you may find view my work site at Memorial University of Newfoundland, or my research profiles on ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

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