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When I was in Japan, I was given my name in kanji script.  There are many different choices for symbols for “Dai An,” but the final choice made which had two interpretations “big safety,” and “lucky day.”     大安       I have to admit it was a very good choice for the symbolization of my name, and I live up to that in my choice of equipment for my events which I hope are lucky days for the participants!

I run my events in two locations: (1) indoors at Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, Inc. and (2) outdoors at the Southlands Park in St. John’s, NL.   Both venues are excellent in footing, and location.  NADA, Inc. uses DoggyJump jumps, Max200 breakaway tire in steel Hill Agility frame, Hill Agility rubberized contacts, Gallican Intercan Slalom (weaves), Shauenberg 10′ & 15′ tunnels & Gallican 6m tunnel, Gallican tunnel bags.

NADA Inc. Facility


For the outdoor venues, I use my own equipment, which will include the following this year.

DPF Leading Agility Equipment:

Gallican Intercan Dog Walk (blue with red CKC stripe and yellow contact – rubberized)
Gallican Intercan Seesaw / Teeter (aluminum: blue with red CKC stripe and yellow contact – rubberized)
Agility World A-Frame – trapezoid base (steel frame with aluminum board: blue with yellow contact – rubberized)

DoggyJump Wall Jump (4′ width plus pillars – multicolored) (UKI/AAC)
DoggyJump Broad Jump (UKI only – multicolored)
DoggyJump Wing Jumps (picket style and fascia style – colors: several purple, 1 blue fascia, 4 red, yellow, 1 light blue, 1 pink; poles are of high contrast with blue/purple/black striping) (UKI/AAC/CKC)
DoggyJump Wingless Jumps (only used for spread in UKI, warm-up jump(s), and used in other agility events)
Max200 wingless Triple Bar Jump with rubber cups, 5′ poles (AAC/CKC)
Max200 Panel Jump Bars/Slats – used in conjunction with a DoggyJump Wings (CKC)
Hill Agility Double Bar Jump with 5′ poles (AAC/CKC)
Gallican (Breakaway) Tire Jump (blue with white striping) – pending approval (until then: Max200 breakaway tire jump in PVC frame) (UKI/AAC)

Other Equipment:
Muskoka Agility Dog Table (not used in UKI trials – rubberized top on wood table with PVC legs 10″ and 20″ heights)
Weaves – 24″ spacing, black striping.
Schauenberg Tunnels (10′, 15′ – yellow, light blue, light purple with 6 sets of bags per tunnel)

Timing is manual at this point in time.

Ring is 4′ snowfencing with x-pen catchment areas on entry and exit.

DPF Leading Agility Outdoor Venue & Equipment Photos




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