Safety Policy & Incident Report Form

Safety is a primary concern for DPF Leading Agility, Inc.  Safety for all involved, human and animal plus spectators, is considered.  To that end, protocols are in place to ensure equipment meets highest safety criteria for the sport, and events and offerings operate as safely as possible. Participants will need to abide by safety protocols in place at all DPF Leading Agility, Inc. offerings and events.  Failure to comply will result in verbal warning.  Repeated failure to comply will result in removal from the event without refund and possible exclusion from future offerings.

In addition, it is critical that all participating and present dogs are psychologically and physically sound.  To that extent, all participants must sign a waiver attesting to the soundness and safety of their dog for each event/offering. 

“I/We certify and represent that the registered dog is sound (not injured) and is not a hazard to persons or other dogs in the [event/offering]. I certify this dog has not previously bit any person or animal.  I further certify and represent that the registered dog poses no threat to other animals, people (including but not limited to spectators) in the vicinity of the registered events.”

Illnesses & Heats

Dogs with kennel cough symptoms are not permitted to attend DPF Leading Agility, Inc. events. 

Injured dogs are not permitted to work in DPF Leading Agility, Inc. events.

Female dogs in season may attend events/offerings provided they are not in standing heat, and provided premises’ owners allow it.  Please inform DPF Leading Agility, Inc. prior to the event/offering so proper accommodations and notifications may be made. 

Participants who are ill with symptoms of cold, influenza or COVID-19 or other viral illnesses (for example, streptococcus, measles, chickenpox) on the day of the event, are to not attend and should to provide notification to DPF Leading Agility, Inc. 


Dogs with a bite history are not permitted to participate in DPF Leading Agility, Inc. events/offerings.  A bite incident includes Level 2 to 6 from the Dr. Ian Dunbar Bite Scale (found on the Association of Professional Dog Trainers website –  In addition, picking up or shaking without visible injuries/bite marks are considered as a bite incident. 

Exceptions from Bite Classification: Puppy “bites” on the handler (puppies under the age of 6 months nipping their human while learning bite inhibition) and accidental contact with the handler’s hands when grabbing an offered toy or offered treat are exempted from this consideration.

Rehabilitation Exception: If a dog has a history of: (a) a single (1) incident involving biting a human, dog or other animal that would be considered below Level 4 on the Dr. Ian Dunbar Bite Scale (i.e., no held (duration of) bite or shaking), and (b) the dog has undergone appropriate behavioural adjustment training, and (c) the dog has multiple years (over 24 months) of good behaviour in similar contexts (behaviour at home or on walks in general public domain does not apply) without any incidents, then they may be considered for participation. Proof is required in the form of reference letters, training certificates or letters. There is no guarantee of acceptance of application.  If the application is accepted and the dog shows any indications of aggression (including any of the following: posturing, growling, charging, contact) at the event/offering, they will be immediately excused from the event/offering and they must leave the premises immediately, without refund. Dogs with a history of Level 4 or higher bite incident or picking up or shaking another dog/animal/human without visible harm, or dogs with a history of more than one incident of any Level of bite (of humans, dogs or other animals) do not meet criteria for consideration under the rehabilitation exception.

Dog Control & Safety Incidents

An incident is any time when a dog’s behaviour indicates an intent to engage in a negative manner, and the dog is within 20 feet of the target dog(s) and/or human(s). This may include, but is not limited to: lunging/rushing (up to ring barriers or through/over/under barriers), baring of teeth, snarling, growling, snapping, making physical contact with another dog/animal and/or human with or without teeth (e.g., slamming, body checking, pinning, biting, grabbing, picking up, shaking). 

If there is an incident with any dog at a training event/offering, all dog(s) involved may be immediately excused from the event/site for their own safety at the discretion of DPF Leading Agility, Inc. representative. 

If there is any contact at all, including other humans than the handler intervening to prevent dog-to-dog contact, incident reports will be collected within 24 hours of the incident. If there was no contact whatsoever (e.g., charging but recalling prior to reaching their target) no reports will be collected. Handlers will be expected to work on that behaviour so it doesn’t repeat.

If a bite occurred, all dog(s) involved will be immediately excused from the event/site for their own safety (and to seek medical care if needed).  Incident reports will be collected within 24 hours of the incident.  Reports will be shared (identities of witnesses redacted for confidentiality) with the involved parties for their own understanding and record of the incident.  Any personal (human) medical information (photos, medical report) included in the incident reports will be redacted for confidentiality prior to sharing with the involved parties unless permission is given to have it included.  Witnesses will not receive any copies of the incident reports. Reports will be store in a locked and secure location for 3 years.

If there is an incident with any dog at a sanctioned trial, the judge will determine the outcomes for the dogs involved (who is excused from the site / trial). Incident reports will be collected as per the protocol of the sanctioning organization, and they will be submitted to the sanctioning organization for consideration and action.  DPF Leading Agility, Inc. reserves the right to implement additional decisions regarding the involved dogs.

Outcomes of Incidents: If there is contact without a bite, the dog’s handler will be given warning and additional training from appropriate behavioural adjustment trainers or behaviouralists is recommended. 

Repeated incidents without bites will result in the dog being expelled from all DPF Leading Agility, Inc. due to a lack of control until evidence of additional training is provided (certificates, reference letters).

Dogs who bite during an incident will be expelled immediately from DPF Leading Agility, Inc. events/offerings, regardless of apparent severity of the bite on a human/dog/other animal. 

Incident report forms may be found and downloaded at the bottom of this web page.

Noise Safety

Handlers are responsible for ensuring their dogs are not creating nuisance noise or threatening other working dogs with barking ring-side or from their crates.

Physical Safety

In accordance to safety, no shock collars, prong collars, choke/chain collars are permitted on the premises of any DPF Leading Agility, Inc. event/offering. 

While working, dogs must be either “naked” or wear flat collars with no dangling accessories (e.g., tags).  Depending on the exercise, 5’ or 6’, or long lines may be used.  Leashes must not be dragging while dog is using agility equipment.

When arriving, leaving, or waiting their turn, all dogs must be on leash and under control (no dragging / free leashes) or in their crate relaxing. If there is a separate, fenced warm-up area, the dog may work off-leash in the warm-up area.

Leashes must not be extendable. 

Handlers must clean up after their dogs.  “Adopt a poo” is also in effect at events/offerings to keep premises clean.

In moving or setting of equipment, please use proper lift procedures and the proper number of people for adjusting contact equipment.

Air Quality

Smoking is not permitted on the premises of any DPF Leading Agility, Inc. event/offering.

Masks are not mandatory but are highly recommended unless the event is held outdoors.  When running your dog in sequences indoors, masks may be worn but they may be removed considering it may be moderate to high physical exertion for the handler.

Please notify DPF Leading Agility, Inc. of any possible safety hazards that you notice so they may be assessed and addressed.

Incident Report Form

Please download, complete and submit it within 24 hours of an incident. For formal trials, please request a formal trial report form from the Trial Secretary or Trial Manager on site at the trial (these must be completed at the trial site).

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